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GRASPOR Pre-order package

Pre-order GRASPOR now and make sure you get it before your competitors!

The pre-order package contains a GRASPOR unit consisting of a GRASPOR device and sleeve + an extra sleeve in the same size!

The pre-orders will be shipped as soon as they are ready during November.

GRASPOR is your new training partner

GRASPOR can help you in many aspects of your training. GRASPORs technology allows you to gain insight into your body while training. This data can help you develop a new approach to your workouts.

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"I have chosen to use GRASPOR as a part of my journey back from a concussion, which has impacted me since the summer of 2019. I believe it will make a difference for me, as I can clearly see how far I can push my body each day."

Christina Siggaard, Lotto Soudal Ladies

"I have been the 6th best Zwift rider for a while now. I feel that I have optimized every part of my training and preparations, but I am looking for the final marginal gains to reach my goal of becoming the world’s best Zwift rider! I hope that the opportunities and insight GRASPOR gives me can help me find the last gains to achieve this goal."

Nicklas Amdi Pedersen, Top 3 Zwift racer