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Monitor your muscle performance

GRASPOR, the worlds first combined muscular and cardivascular monitoring system.

GRASPOR is your new training partner

GRASPOR can help you in many aspects of your training. GRASPORs technology allows you to gain insight into your body while training. This data can help you develop a new approach to your workouts.

Dive deep in our app

The GRASPOR app is a powerful analytical tool, that allows you to get a detailed overview of your training.

Low profile design

GRASPOR has a low profile design when worn. The comfortable sleeve fits well around your leg, and the device and dock are on the outside of the sleeve, to ensure comfort even during long efforts.

Test on the road

The portability of GRASPOR allows you to test your threshold anywere, anytime, all by yourself.

Be a better athlete

We believe that GRASPOR can help you achieve your potential and reach beyond your goals!


I have had some challenges since my crash. Something that still troubles me. I've been looking for something to help me reach my former level. GRASPOR is a revolutionary tool that I hope can help med on my journey. I like working alone, and i believe GRASPOR's data will help me control my efforts and make sure I train smart.

Mathias Norsgaard, Movistar Team

I have been the 6th best Zwift rider for a while now. I feel that I have optimized every part of my training and preparations, but I am looking for the final marginal gains to reach my goal of becoming the world’s best Zwift rider! I hope that the opportunities and insight GRASPOR gives me can help me find the last gains to achieve this goal.

Nicklas Amdi Pedersen, 3rd at the Esports World Championships 2020

"I have chosen to use GRASPOR as a part of my journey back from a concussion, which has impacted me since the summer of 2019. The ability to control my intensity based on the muscle oxygen level, instead of zones is very helpful in my situation. I believe it will make a difference for me, as I can clearly see how far I can push my body each day."

Christina Siggaard, Lotto Soudal Ladies

Learn about GRASPOR

GRASPOR is a muscle performance and cardio monitoring device which gives you the ability to track your muscle oxygen levels and muscle load in real-time. These data enable you to make decisions regarding interval planning, as you can adapt your training to your day form and allow you to continuously evaluate your performance during a training session. GRASPOR also provides the tools to test your anaerobic threshold in a non-lab setting, allowing you to track your improvements more easily.